Curriculum Vitae

From Latin, literally “Course of Life”

Abbreviated CV

2016-2021 | Ph.D. in Biophysics, University of California, Berkeley, CA

2012-2016 | A.B. in Physics, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

Research Experience
2022-present | Beth Shapiro Group, UC Santa Cruz

2016-2021 | Steven Brenner Group, UC Berkeley

2015-2016 | Bonnie Bassler and Ned Wingreen Groups, Princeton University

2015 | Howard Stone Group, Princeton University

2014-2015 | Robert Austin Group, Princeton University

2014 | Eberhard Bodenschatz Group, Max Planck IDS

Awards & Fellowships
2022 | NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellow

2020 | Abstract selected for “Reviewer’s Choice” and Poster Talk, ASHG 2020

2019 | Finalist at SVAI hackathon at Invitae

2018 | NSF Graduate Research Fellow

2016 | Molecular Biophysics Training Grant (NIH T32) Fellow

7. Johnson JA, Novak B, Athrey G, Sharo AG, et al. 2023. Phylogenomics of the extinct Heath Hen provides support for sex-biased introgression among extant prairie grouse. under review at Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution

6. Sharo AG, Zou Y, Adhikari AN, Brenner SE. 2023. ClinVar and HGMD genomic variant classification accuracy has improved over time, as measured by implied disease burden. Genome Medicine 15:1. doi:10.1186/s13073-023-01199-y

5. Sertori R, Lin J, Martinez E, Rana S, Sharo A, et al. 2022. Investigation of the causal etiology in a patient with T-B+NK+ immunodeficiency. Frontiers in Immunology 13:928252. doi:10.3389/fimmu.2022.928252

4. Sharo AG, Hu Z, Brenner SE. 2022. StrVCTVRE: A supervised learning method to predict the pathogenicity of human structural variants. American Journal of Human Genetics 109:195-209. doi:10.1016/j.ajhg.2021.12.007

3. Shieh JT, […], Sharo AG, et al. 2021. Application of full genome analysis to diagnose rare monogenic disorders. npj Genomic Medicine 6:77. doi:10.1038/s41525-021-00241-5

2. McInnes G*, Sharo AG*, Koleske ML*, Brown JEH*, et al. 2021. Opportunities and challenges for the computational interpretation of rare variation in clinically important genes. American Journal of Human Genetics 108:535-548. doi:10.1016/j.ajhg.2021.03.003 (*co-first authors)

1. Yan J, Sharo AG, Stone HA, Wingreen NS, Bassler BL. 2016. Vibrio cholerae biofilm growth program and architecture revealed by single-cell live imaging. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 113: E5337-E5343. doi:10.1073/pnas.1611494113

Conference Presentations
Sharo AG, Johnson JA, Novak BJ, Sunyaev SR, Ioannidis NM, Shapiro BA. Identifying Functional Genomic Variants in the Extinct Heath Hen through a Machine Learning Framework. Invited Talk. Plant & Animal Genome Conference. Jan 18, 2023. San Diego, CA.

Sharo AG, Johnson JA, Novak BJ, Sunyaev SR, Ioannidis NM, Shapiro BA. A machine learning method to identify functional variants in data-constrained species. Poster and Lightning Talk. Conservation Genomics at the Population Level. Dec 1, 2022. Hinxton, United Kingdom. 

Sharo AG, Zou Y, Adhikari AN, Brenner SE. ClinVar and HGMD over time: Incidence of misclassified variants across populations highlights strengths of curation databases and importance of population-specific resources. Poster Talk. American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting. Oct 27, 2020. Virtual.

Sharo AG, Brenner SE. StrVCTVRE: A supervised learning method to predict the pathogenicity of structural variants. Platform Presentation. American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting. Oct 19, 2019. Houston, TX.

Teaching Experience
Spring 2021 | Graduate Student Instructor, MCB 102 Biochemistry, UC Berkeley

STEM Outreach
2023 | Mentor, NIH GREAT Program (R25), UC Santa Cruz-CSU Monterey Bay. Mentored two CSU Monterey Bay undergraduates through an NIH R25 grant to prepare underrepresented and low-income students for careers in genomics.  

2022-present | Co-director, GradPath, UC Santa Cruz. Co-founded a quarter-long program pairing undergraduates with grad student mentors in the sciences. Running for 2 academic quarters, with 29 mentoring pairs.

2022-present | Officer, Women in Science and Engineering, UC Santa Cruz

2022 | Participant, Equity-minded Mentoring, UC Santa Cruz. Completed a six-part workshop series run by the Center of Innovations in Teaching and Learning focused on supporting mentees from underrepresented backgrounds.

2021 | Mentor, The Compass Project, UC Berkeley. One-on-one mentoring of undergraduate students in the physical sciences to increase retention of underrepresented students.

2021 | Academic Judge, Bioengineering High School Competition, UC Berkeley

2021 | Organizer, One Health Covid-19 Seminars. Communicated basic science behind the immune system, vaccination, and epidemics to a lay audience. Seminar recordings available at

2016-2020 | Instructor, Steering Committee Member, Bay Area Scientists in Schools. Led monthly science lessons for 5th grade students in Berkeley and Oakland, CA. Taught a lesson on DNA replication that includes isolating banana DNA.

2016-2020 | Co-founder and COO, Physics Unlimited 501(c)(3). Coordinated global high school physics competition held annually. Attracted funders to support our work. Awarded six mini grants of $500 to US high school science teachers to improve remote learning during COVID-19 pandemic.

2017 | Mentor, Be A Scientist Program. Met weekly with six 7th grade students at MLK Jr Middle School in Berkeley, CA. Supported them to design, realize, and analyze results from a science experiment.

2015 | Co-Director, Princeton University Physics Competition. Led annual physics competition with 100+ high school US participants and 800+ global participants. Secured funding from trading firms and Princeton departments.